James Little, Director  -

Tim Railey, Assistant Director -
Joe Dilts, Director of Guidance -
Emily Graham, EL Director -

 Administrative Assistants:

Judy Klakamp -  (Administrative Assistant)
Kathy Logan -  (Administrative Assistant )

Advanced Manufacturing:

Joe Veger -  
(Precision Machine Technology I & II, Intro to Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing)

Christine Linzey -
(Welding Technology I & II, Intro to Welding Technology)

Art Media & Communication:

David Packard  -  
(TV/Radio Production I & II , Intro to Video Production)

Melissa Cohick -  
(Intro to Commercial Art and Graphic Design, Commercial Art & Graphic Design)

Juli Feller -
(Commercial Digital Photography, Intro to Digital Photography)

Building & Construction:

Jason Pearson - 
(Intro to Building & Construction Trades)

Mark Roeske - 
(Building & Construction Trades I & II)

Business & Information Technology:

Cynthi Frye - 
(Sports Marketing, Professional Career Internship, Accounting, Business Math)

Karen Rynearson - 
(Business Foundations, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Cooperative Education)

Criminal Justice:

Mike Shannon - 
(Intro to Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice I and Criminal Justice II Police Science )

Engineering, Science, & Technology:

Tony Maple - 
(PLTW - Introduction to Engineering, Principles of Engineering, Engineering Design & Development, Computer Aided Design)

Health Science:

Kris Cover - 
(Into to Health Science, Anatomy & Physiology)

Jeanie Goad - 
(Medical Terminology, Into to Pharmacy, Medical Law and Ethics)

Polly Shilling - 
(Certified Nursing Assistant, Health Careers Exploration, Intro to Health Science)

Wilda Reeser - 
(Certified Nursing Assistant)

Education and Training:

Teena Tocco -  
( Early Childhood Education I & II, Curriculum in Early Childhood Education )


Richard Strohl -  
(Automotive Service Technology, Intro to Auto Service Technology )

Aaron Smith -  
(Autobody Collision Service I & II Intro to Autobody Collision Service )

Academic Coach/ Instructional Assistants:

Diane Erickson -
Cindy Wengert -

Custodial Staff:

Cass McManus -




Century Career Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,religion, gender, national origin, age, or individuals with disabilities, including limited English proficiency