Are you interested in working on cars and trucks?

If you answered yes, then check out our Auto Service program. Auto service involves inspecting, repairing and maintaining various automotive components that keep a car working properly, including the engine, brakes, steering, suspension. electrical systems, tires, and heating and cooling. These skills can lead to a rewarding career in the automotive industry.


Principles of Automotive Service

Principles of Automotive Service gives students an overview of the operating and general maintenance systems of the modern automobile. Students will be introduced to the safety and operation of equipment and tools used in the automotive industry.

Brake Systems

Brake Systems teaches theory, service and repair of automotive braking systems. The course provides an overview of various mechanical brake systems used on today’s automobiles. Brake Systems will emphasize professional diagnosis and repair methods for brake systems.

Steering and Suspensions

Steering and suspensions will study driveline theory and in-car service procedures. Theory and overhaul procedures related to the driveshaft and axle assemblies for front and rear wheel drive vehicles are included as well. Additionally, the course teaches theory, service and repair of automotive steering and suspension systems.

Automotive Service Capstone

Automotive Service Capstone further explores important skills and competencies within the Automotive Service Technology Pathway. Students will be exposed to an in-depth study of vehicle electrical systems. Students will study the fundamentals of electricity and automotive electronics in various automotive systems. Students will understand other topics such as Engine Repair, Climate Control, and Driveline Service.