Have you ever wondered how a video game was made or what is in a laptop?

If you answered yes, then the Computer Science department is the place for you! Computers can be found today in almost every home, business, and industry. While in the program, students will investigate emerging disciplines and explore trends of computing. Whether you are interested in software development, which is the practice of writing code, creating business applications, social media, or video games or maybe you like information technology, the practice of maintaining computer systems and applications for individuals or businesses. Whatever it is, you can find it in the Computer Science Department.


Principles of Computing

Principles of Computing provides students the opportunity to explore how computers can be used in a wide variety of settings. The course will begin by exploring trends of computing and the necessary skills to implement information systems. Topics include operating systems, database technology, cybersecurity, cloud implementations and other concepts associated with applying information management.

Topics in Computer Science

Topics in Computer Science is designed for students to investigate emerging disciplines within the field of computer science. Students will use foundational knowledge to study the areas of data science, artificial intelligence, app/game development, and security.

Information Technology Fundamentals

Information Technology Fundamentals provides the necessary competencies required for an entry-level Information Technology professional. Students will have the knowledge required to assemble components based on customer requirements, install, configure and maintain devices/software for end users, understand the basics of networking and security, properly and safely diagnose, resolve and document common hardware and software issues while applying troubleshooting skills.