Do you enjoy taking pictures? Maybe you are interested in a career in photography.

Digital Design Photography can make those dreams come true! Students will learn the basics of planning, shooting, and editing digital photography. With the use of industry standard software students will learn what the pros know.


Principles of Digital Design Photography

Principles of Digital Design introduces students to fundamental design theory. Investigations into design theory and color dynamics will provide experiences in applying design theory, ideas and creative problem solving, critical peer evaluation, and presentation skills. Students will have the opportunity to apply the design theory through an understanding of basic photographic theory and technique. Topics will include image capture, processing, various output methods, and light.

Digital Design Photography

Digital Design Graphics will help students to understand and create the most common types of computer graphics used in visual communications. Skills are developed through work with professional vector-based and page layout software used in the industry. Students will be introduced to a full range of image input technology and manipulation including conventional photography, digital imaging, and computer scanners.

Professional Photography/Videography

Professional Photography & Videography further develops advanced camera skills and photographic vision. The course introduces special techniques and digital processes while refining printing and processing skills. It will also emphasize good composition and the use of photography as a communication tool.

Digital Design Capstone Photography

The Digital Design Capstone course provides students the opportunity to dive deeper into advanced concepts of Visual Communication including user experience/user interface design, video production editing, animation and/or web design.