Are you creative?

Design is everywhere! Whether it be a t-shirt that you wear or a magazine that you read a graphic designer was involved. Students will dive into the world of design using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. With these programs students will learn to use the lingo as they begin to uncover all aspects of the design process.


Principles of Digital Design Graphics

Principles of Digital Design introduces students to fundamental design theory. Investigations into design theory and color dynamics will provide experiences in applying design theory, ideas and creative problem solving, critical peer evaluation, and presentation skills.

Digital Design Graphics

Digital Design Graphics will help students to understand and create the most common types of computer graphics used in visual communications. Skills are developed through work with professional vector-based and page layout software used in the industry.

Graphic Design and Layout

Graphic Design and Layout teaches design process and the proper and creative use of type as a means to develop effective communications for global, corporate and social application. Students will create samples for a portfolio, which may include elements or comprehensive projects in logo, stationery, posters, newspaper, magazine, billboard, and interface design.

Digital Design Capstone Graphics

The Digital Design Capstone course provides students the opportunity to dive deeper into advanced concepts of Visual Communication including user experience/user interface design, video production editing, animation and/or web design.