Have you ever wanted to start your own business or do you want to know how to invest money?

How cool would it be to start your own business from scratch? Our Business Program can start you on your way with classes perfect for the beginning entrepreneur or the person just curious about finances. Take a look at the options and plan to learn.


Principles of Entrepreneurship

Principles of Entrepreneurship focuses on students learning about their own strengths, character and skills and how their unique abilities can apply to entrepreneurship, as well as how an entrepreneurial mindset can serve them regardless of their career path.

Personal Finance and Banking

Personal Finance and Banking emphasizes management of individual financial resources for growth and maintenance of personal wealth. This course covers home buying and mortgage financing, installment financing, life and health insurance, securities, commodities and other investment opportunities.

Finance and Investment

Finance and Investment addresses the need of schools in areas that have workforce demand in the finance industry. It analyzes and synthesizes high-level skills needed for a multitude of career in the banking and investment industry. Students learn banking, investments, and other finance fundamentals and applications related to financial institutions, business and personal financial services, investment and securities, risk management products, and corporate finance.

Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing Fundamentals provides a basic introduction to the scope and importance of marketing in the global economy. Course topics include the seven functions of marketing: promotion, channel management, pricing, product/service management, market planning, marketing information management, and professional selling skills.

New Venture Development

New Venture Development is targeted to students interested in creating and growing their own businesses. The course will focus on key marketing strategies particularly relevant for new ventures. Students will apply marketing concepts to entrepreneurial company challenges, which include creating and nurturing relationships with new customers, suppliers, distributors, employees and investors.