Do you like to help people?

If you answered yes, then Health Science is the path for you. Whether you are a physician, nurse, or therapist who works with patients to diagnose, treat, and comfort their patients or a Certified Nursing Assistant or working in a medical laboratory. Health Sciences has a program for you. Students will learn content including skills common to specific health careers topics such as patient nursing care, medical laboratory, public health, and an introduction to healthcare systems.


Principles of Healthcare

Principles of Healthcare content includes skills common to specific health career topics such as patient nursing care, dental care, animal care, medical laboratory, public health, and an introduction to healthcare systems. Lab experiences are organized and planned around the activities associated with the student’s career objectives.

Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology prepares students with language skills necessary for effective, independent use of health and medical reference materials. It includes the study of health and medical abbreviations, symbols, and Greek and Latin word part meanings, all taught within the context of body systems.

Pharmacy Tech

This course introduces the student to the foundational principles, career concepts, and entry level skills and duties typically performed by a pharmacy technician in community/retail, hospital/health system, and other pharmacy practice settings.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology is a course in which students investigate concepts related to Health Science, with emphasis on interdependence of systems and contributions of each system to the maintenance of a healthy body. This course covers tissues, integument, skeletal, muscular and nervous systems as an integrated unit.

Certified Nursing Assistant

The Healthcare Specialist: CNA prepares individuals desiring to work as nursing assistants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for providing basic care in extended care facilities, hospitals and home health agencies under the direction of licensed nurses. The course will introduce students to the disease process and aspects of caring for a long-term care resident with dementia. Individuals who successfully complete this course are eligible to apply to sit for the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) certification exam for nursing assistants. This course meets the minimum standards set forth by the ISDH for Certified Nursing Assistant training and for health care workers in long-term care facilities.