As educators, we are noticing a growing trend that our students could benefit from continued college and career preparation. We are trying to assist our current administration and local community by helping our students be more prepared with the employability skills our students may need as future, entry-level employees in our community. Therefore, we created a very brief survey that will provide valuable feedback to us as we plan to help them prepare for this transition. Here's where we can use your help!

1. We are asking for your cooperation in taking this short survey. The link is

2. Share this survey with any and all employers within our Cass County Community.

Again, our goal is to bridge the gap that our students may have between their current individual skills already acquired and the necessary skills for future employment. Finally, this plan’s purpose is to help alleviate some of the misunderstandings students have about their own skills, as well as the employability skills for their probable career pathway. It is our hope that with this shared vision, we can all help better prepare our future generations for continued opportunities locally.