Information for Remote Learning Block Scheduling for Area Schools (Caston, Carroll, Pioneer, Lewis Cass, Winamac, Rochester).


In the event that Logansport Community School Corporation moves to a total district-wide Remote Learning Environment, the Century Career Center will move to Block Scheduling during that period of time for all programs.  Classes will meet virtually on alternate days each week.  If we move to a full Virtual Remote Learning Environment, the first remote virtual day will be a Red Day (see information below on alternate days and alternate weeks).  Most students from the area high schools (Pioneer, Winamac, Lewis Cass, Caston, Carroll, Rochester) will meet virtually on the Red days which are periods 1-2 and 5-6.   Updated information will be provided as we coordinate schedules with our area high schools in the event of a move to total district-wide Virtual Remote Block Scheduling. 

The daily alternate schedule for virtual remote learning can be found here: